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SO INTERESTING AND UNIQUE, verry nice. is refreshing.

Absolute perfection ! 


AUTHOR! who is. 

Is this GRIFITH? its fiting him PERFECTLY. and realistically also.


Incredible! so much beauty and detalies

FINALLY A GOOD REPREZENTATION OF ANGELIC BEINGS. (except the sexualised parts ofc) Thanks.

This picture is the first one that i like with this style. good job!.

Perfect how you captured that fealing !

Perfect how you captured that fealing !

Perfect how you made naruto chackra make light, on kaguya face and around him, THAT'S how it should be in reality, but yes. in anime isn't like that.

Verry interesting concept. good job. Original

SHO BEAUTIFULL, thanks for this piece of art. is incredible nostaligc and epic.

Aw, it makes you cry. 

OMAGUD, what's wrong with 9S face? smiley )

Her face dosen't resemble A2 face... sad but the body is nicely done. Too bad.

Nice team, and also, one punch looking at Midoriya ... smiley )

Incredible how you captured the game mood, and the A2 personality. Masterpiece!

One of the creepiest thing i'v ever seen smiley )

Little Berserk meme ther? cheeky

Almost cried at this moment, such a good game !


oh common, never in 1000 years thought of that smiley ) great job. funny stuff

the size ! nice :P

soo cute.laugh

lolz smiley )


Finally some good one punch man wallapper 

too sad to like it sad

the eyes. priceless!