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What a skillful water sorceress. Beautiful dress - so graceful woman.

Her beauty fade away together with that harmful smoke...Remember - dont let bad habits control you. Be free even your life is poor, miserable. Simply be me - be the change ^^. Thinking Clearly. And you will get reward "Healthly death"¬†ūüėõ¬†So long live every civilized human.

Just like my soul wish...to see the beauty¬†ūüôā

The God's light that¬†illuminates¬†your way to him. Thankie for quality walls.¬†ūüėČ

Tries to identified that sunny person - no result. Awh

Quality & Harmony! Thankie!

Magical! I like nature & featured wllpprs whena it done with quality, since I was born I filtering/feel many things thru my soul.

Nice short speech boy. second me stop talkin to me. loled not bored

So, where i can see that blue batterfly? A moment...ahaaaaa remember from it. This was on cover/front picture one singer album called as Lunascape - Innerside (Quality Solo Vocal, style Trip-hop)

Kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? *Eyes to eyes*

Quality wllppr & it will warm ma wandering soul ina tha system called world. Thankie

Don't critisize it - legalize it Yeaaah, yeaaah, yeaaaaaaah © Peter Tosh R.I.P.

its make me smile with pretty feelings, but all those know what happen when the tiger be very closer to the end of water and see me smiling on him...Already runnin out...

I love CG paintings like this about nature, stars, planets, landscapes, and other stunning walls. For the days i see too much vulgar pictures for me, where the world goin to...

Hmmm...Finally i know what is it... It's process of making Pacman! Applause!

Skies drop me on the earth I never be like humans, because they are my parents and i got their genes.

It's means I do right with the light.

Do it all my life till the couple of keys was broke!

Ohhh so bad... No way to make me stop doing this.

It's make me feel unity with nature. Alive & Pure

Pure Goodness & Cuteness is not the end, but its fantasy too as the picture. In real world...

lol, thats good Morfeo 

Till' I die! 

Finally no future¬†but past, hope it¬†will based on historical accuracy. We enjoy it with child smile like it in 2002 (Battlefield 1942)¬†ūüėá

I do!

Just like me¬†ūüėõ

Where is Tarja? A mistake...2005 no more