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Why Makoto Shinkai is wrong?

yeah thanks.

from "Akai Katana", I guess.

currently only these

Hi sorry, It was not me who edited, I found this wallpaper on some website, but I don't remember

sorry no idea

no ideia

Desktop wallpaper?

I think she made the cake, and she's "proud" of it.

2 xD

I don't think it's tears, I think it's part of the visual xD

No idea.

Yeah xD

lol yeah xD

No idea

Estos wallpapers no fue creado por mi, fue creado por rmehedi, pero voy a ver en la página del creador si tienes.

son varios artistas

yeah xD

Maybe the bottle just fell on the floor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hi, it's Senyuu.

probably ^^

I think the girl is a character based on the characters of the hyperdimension neptunia series, and the man is an original character

Wallpaper by 刃天

lol xD

Hi, wallpaper by 防人

sim xD, paisagens/cenário é um dos meus estilos favoritos


lol, sim ^^, ate que enfim um comentario br

wallpaper by 雫月ユカ(なつきゆか) ^^


I can't authorize it, but you can ask the creator Masabodo

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