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lol yeah xD

No idea

Estos wallpapers no fue creado por mi, fue creado por rmehedi, pero voy a ver en la página del creador si tienes.

son varios artistas

yeah xD

Maybe the bottle just fell on the floor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hi, it's Senyuu.

probably ^^

I think the girl is a character based on the characters of the hyperdimension neptunia series, and the man is an original character

Wallpaper by 刃天

lol xD

Hi, wallpaper by 防人

sim xD, paisagens/cenário é um dos meus estilos favoritos


lol, sim ^^, ate que enfim um comentario br

wallpaper by 雫月ユカ(なつきゆか) ^^


I can't authorize it, but you can ask the creator Masabodo


This wallpaper was posted about 1 month before starting the anime (highschool fleet), I think it's a coincidence

wallpaper by m-くん

There's no anime yet

An original character

some minutes cheeky


Probably Kisame Hoshigaki, since he is the partner of Itachi


Al parecer el personaje fue basado el ochako uraraka, pero el personaje es una creación original




 yeah, is anson菌

Yeah,  thanks,  the author put "original" in the wrong way


I don't know,  but there a version without photoshop

Wallpaper by MONO-Land

note: I didn't create them, I just upload

Hi, sorry, I can not authorize, I'm not the author of this wallpaper

Here the link to the author みなみべ, You can ask him

It's true, the first goto p wallpaper lately

3 days ago ID 841412 uploaded by me and others 5 wallpapers

1 day ago by you ID 841775

Hi Anon

sorry, It was not created by me, was created by アラ太



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