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She's gorgeous heart

WOW heartShe's gorgeous smiley

a beautiful girl, shame the surroundings are not better to make this a great shot

Very nice smiley   heart

She is gorgeous heart

Gorgeous smiley

Nice shot but bad choice on colour of clothing, needed more colour smiley  

Stunning shot smiley

Shame her body is covered by the guitar wink
Very cute

Gorgeous smiley

Very cute heart

Lovely smiley

Wow, she is gorgeous smiley

Beautiful woork smiley

Gorgeous heart

Beautiful smiley


Great photo, beautiful girl smiley

She is beautiful... heart

Can we see a version without the grain?

Any more from this set? Great shot smiley

Very Nice smiley

very cute wink

She is Gorgeous heart

The blurred wall spoils the shot as it takes your focus away from the girl :/

Nice pic but the Falcon spoils the shot