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The picture was taken on March 2018 smiley

We also don't get snow before October laugh

Thank you laugh

It's just 30 minutes from home, i love to live here smiley

Thank you laugh

Thank you laugh

Thank you, it was basically an experiment laugh

Haha yes... too much saturation looks just stupid laugh

Hi. Tell me...how do you make these pictures? I'm interested laugh

On some photos I have to edit them with Photoshop, because when I see something interesting and I don't have my camera with me, I have to take the photos with my smartphone. And they look a bit pallid, so basically I just change saturation, contrast etc, nothing else that would affect the appearance of the photo laugh

Nice laugh

I wish my Laptop has the power of my Desktop PC. That's the reason I'm only editing the photos on my PC, because Photoshop runs on my Laptop at around 5 FPS laugh

Thank you laugh

@lonewolf6738: Thank you for commenting.

I'm glad you like it laugh

No Zarya? crying

Thank you so much for featuring laugh

@lonewolf6738: Thank you laugh