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Characters and Actors with Wallpapers:

Dane Whitman / Black Knight
Played By: Kit Harington 289

Thena 9
Played By: Angelina Jolie 128

Ikaris 19
Played By: Richard Madden 83

Ajak 12
Played By: Salma Hayek 71

Sersi 20
Played By: Gemma Chan 24

Makkari 13
Played By: Lauren Ridloff 13

Sprite 13
Played By: Lia McHugh 12

Kingo 12
Played By: Kumail Nanjiani 12

Phastos 10
Played By: Brian Tyree Henry 14

Druig 11
Played By: Barry Keoghan 12

Gilgamesh 11
Played By: Ma Dong-seok 10