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Characters and Actors with Wallpapers:

Jean-Luc Picard 8
Played By: Patrick Stewart 21

Worf 8
Played By: Michael Dorn 3

Geordi La Forge 5
Played By: LeVar Burton 2

William T. Riker 4
Played By: Jonathan Frakes 3

Beverly Crusher 3
Played By: Gates McFadden 2

Played By: Whoopi Goldberg 4

Played By: Brent Spiner 4

Tasha Yar 4

Deanna Troi 3
Played By: Marina Sirtis

Lieutenant Worf
Played By: Michael Dorn 3

Miles O'Brien 2
Played By: Colm Meaney 1

Wesley Crusher
Played By: Wil Wheaton 3

William Riker
Played By: Jonathan Frakes 3

Marina Sirits 1
Played By: Denise Crosby 1