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5000x3336 -  TV Show  -  Squid Game
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Characters and Actors with Wallpapers:

Seong Gi-hun 11
Played By: Lee Jung-jae 16

Kang Sae-byeok 9
Played By: Jung Ho-yeon 0

Cho Sang-Woo 6
Played By: Park Hae-soo 0

Ali 4
Played By: Anupam Tripathi 1

Oh Il-nam 4
Played By: Oh Yeong-su

Hwang Jun-ho 1
Played By: Wi Ha-joon 2

Ji-Yeong 3
Played By: Lee Yoo Mi 0

Han Mi-nyeo / "No. 212"
Played By: Kim Joo-ryoung 1

Jang Deok-su / "No. 101"
Played By: Heo Sung-tae 1

Kang Cheol 1
Played By: Park Shi Wan