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Characters and Actors with Wallpapers:

Crowley 19
Played By: David Tennant 41

Aziraphale 19
Played By: Michael Sheen 23

Gabriel 3
Played By: Jon Hamm 27

Voice of God
Played By: Frances McDormand 24

Newton Pulsifer
Played By: Jack Whitehall 9

Sandalphon 2
Played By: Paul Chahidi 2

Adam Young 2
Played By: Sam Taylor Buck 1

Beelzebub 1
Played By: Anna Maxwell Martin 2

Michael 2
Played By: Doon Mackichan 1

Anathema Device 1
Played By: Adria Arjona 1

Brian 1
Played By: Ilan Galkoff 1

Dagon 1
Played By: Elizabeth Berrington 1

Hastur 1
Played By: Ned Dennehy 1

Ligur 1
Played By: Ariyon Bakare 1

Pepper 1
Played By: Amma Ris 1

Uriel 1
Played By: Gloria Obianyo 1

Wensleydale 1
Played By: Alfie Taylor 1

Warlock Dowling 1
Played By: Samson Marraccino