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Wally West 102
Played By: Keiynan Lonsdale 3

Firestorm 66
Played By: Franz Drameh 3

Atom 58
Played By: Brandon Routh 8

White Canary 28
Played By: Caity Lotz 20

Heat Wave 24
Played By: Dominic Purcell 19

Carter Hall 40
Played By: Falk Hentschel 0

Kendra Sanders 37
Played By: Ciara Renée 2

Reverse-Flash 28
Played By: Matt Letscher

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Played By: Arthur Darvill 6

Vixen 19
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Martin Stein 10
Played By: Victor Garber 10

Steel 12
Played By: Nick Zano 1

Brainiac 5 8
Played By: Jesse Rath 1

Played By: Matt Ryan 5

Ava Sharpe 1
Played By: Jes Macallan 1

Kelly Olsen 1
Played By: Azie Tesfai 1

Nia Nal 1
Played By: Nicole Maines 1

Nora Darhk 1
Played By: Courtney Ford 1

Charlie 1
Played By: Anjli Mohindra

Nathan Heywood / Citizen Steel
Played By: Nick Zano 1

Played By: Tala Ashe 1