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TorinoGT commented: The Battle of Nashville was a two-day battle in the Franklin-Nashville Campaign that represented the end of large-scale fighting in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. It was fought at Nashville, Tennessee, on December 15–16, 1864, between the Confederate Army of Tennessee under Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood and Federal forces under Maj. Gen.George H. Thomas. In one of the largest victories achieved by the Union Army during the war, Thomas attacked and routed Hood's army, largely destroying it as an effective fighting force. 1 second ago
Admin lonewolf6738 commented: Wow,confederate army ! Dont wont to get into that argument.North,south,good,bad,slavery,think I'll leave it at that.Great old train but 👍1F 1 second ago
 TorinoGT captioned: Battle Of Nashville 11 years ago
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