Wallpaper Abyss Nature Nullarbor Coast

Nature Nullarbor Coast HD Wallpaper

Nature Nullarbor Coast HD Wallpaper
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Deejai commented: Fabulous, love it. 1 second ago
Deejai commented: Totally agree. 1 second ago
crystalwarrior commented: This reminds me a little of the Cliffs of Moher here in Ireland (Sadly defaced a while ago by a "Graffiti Artist"). I love going there when there's a heavy storm front┬ácoming in, and hear/see the waves crashing agaisnt the rocks, and wondering how much longer the "Spire" (A tall spire of rock standing out in the water, where the sea is slowly eroding the base away, leaving a HUGE "bite" out of the base) will remain standing before the sea claims it for its own. People think I'm out of my mind for only going when there's a storm coming, and no-one else is around, but for me, the storm just adds so much more to the experience for me, as I love thunderstorms, thick foggy nights, and the feel of rain lashing my face/body, as I feel more alive in those moments than I ever do on a sunny, bright day, surrounded by tourists on their iPhones or clicking away with their cameras. I like to breathe in the entire moment when it's stormy at the cliffs, and take so many amazing memories away with me, not just posed photo's by the local landmarks like everyone else. Sometimes you just have to stand in the face of a storm to appreciate just how amazing and magical a moment can be, and how long that moment can last­čśâ 2 years ago
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